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The Road to Å

During our first visit to the Lofoten nine years ago, I was not able to take this shot with my DSLR and a panorama head for reasons I can’t remember, but now I was able to take it with my phone. Our first stop was at the city of Henningsvær, where we strolled around the harbour in the early morning for a while before we continued our road-trip. Along the way we stopped at the Viking Museum (because why wouldn’t you) and eventually arrived at in Å where the road ends.

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A Stop at Kabelvåg

After spending the first night of the trip along the way, we arrived, after about 24 hours of travel on the Lofoten islands first in the city of Svolvaer and a bit later in the village of Kabelvåg where stayed for the night. After a visit to the aquarium we put up our tents on a camping ground and continued the trip the next day.

Don't Bite

There was a lot of dried fish on the Lofoten, but this one at the Glashytta was a rather stunning one.

Ramberg Beach

It was rather stormy that evening, and at one point we started to wonder whether the tent would stand the wind. Suffice to say, it did. Once everything was set up, I walked the 50 meters to the beach and took some images. As before, had worked well when I used it. After a restful night the wind had calmed down and we woke up to the soothing sound of the waves and with the clouds hanging low between the surrounding mountains.

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Another beach, this time in Vikten. performed great.

Lofoten Beach

An image from the beach last night. This was another great place to spend the night.

Mountain View

The weather has changed for the better, and what a nice way to wake up.

First Stop

First stay on the trip to Lofoten.

Eggum View

We’re just on the way back from the Lofoten with the direction to our home in Finland . We’re not in a hurry and we use the chance to stop now and then to explore and enjoy some of the scenery, as we did right here in Eggum. This is the way we the clouds have been most of the time for the first few days of the trip. It is amazing how low clouds can get in this area, also is it always surprising how different the conditions are around there.

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Lofoten Summer

It has been a long day at this moment already, and we’re still searching for the location we have noticed in the distance. Still without success, and as it will turn out, we will never find “the spot”. Along the road though, we run into a few other beautiful scenes. Such as this one. It is a wonderful and silent place, and I take my time composing a few images.

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Storvatnet Reflection #1

Lofoten Islands, Norway, June 2010 The outing for tonight is almost over and we are just on our way back to the beach where we planned to stay to stay the night. The horrific conditions of the previous day are long forgotten and this night had been full of good photographic opportunities. Just on our way back we pass this beautiful and silent lake. The sun is by now high enough in the sky to throw it’s light over the mountains and wonderfully light the mountains in front of us.

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Henningsvaer Harbour

Lofoten Islands, June 2010. Upon our arrival the weather was, well, badly in need of improvement. It’s cold, it rains cats and dogs and the visibility is somewhere around 100m into every direction. We came a long way and after a good night sleep in the car we head out to get a decent coffee and something to eat. Little bit more awake we stroll along the roads exploring the area for good locations to photograph once the conditions are slightly better.

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Under The Midnight Sun

It’s just around midsummer and we’re just coming from the first site of the evening, a nice rocky beach in the north of the Lofoten Islands. Though nice, the conditions were far from perfect so we decided to move along the road looking for different locations. After a stop for a panorama, we discover this place. The sun is at its lowest, but still way above the horizon. It’s direct light slightly diffused by the mountains behind me and lights the scene just beautifully.

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Rocked Tree

Todays explore starts on a beach called Utakleiv on the north coast of the Lofoten islands. Waiting in beautiful sunlight the whole day for the sun to set, or better to get at least closer to the horizon, just in time for the golden hour clouds show up. A little too much for my taste. While the scenery is still great, it appears that the conditions might be a little better on another part of the island.

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